Second Screen: Making Life Post-GDPR a Little Easier

LondonJune 19, 2018

On the 25th May the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, giving consumers more control over what personal data organisations can collect and move to other companies, even allowing them to demand that they delete their personal information altogether. Overnight, thousands of businesses woke up to find that the majority of their database had been made completely redundant.

Frankly, this rapid shift towards increased protection and power for the consumer is entirely at odds with the previous dependence from organisations upon the quality and the scale of their data. We are in a time when businesses have become entirely reliant on utilising customer data to drive smarter and more effective business strategy.

The GDPR has in fact meant that for many, the primary source of customer insight that would normally inform business and marketing strategy, has been cut off at the knees. With European Ad demand volumes plummeting between 25 and 40 percent in the immediate aftermath of the regulation, it is clear that many organisations are at a loss with how best to now spend their marketing budget.

This is where Second Screen come in.

We understand that festival goers are constantly seeking bigger and better experiences, and we pride ourselves on our ability to enhance that same experience. It is for this reason that on average we see between 60-80% of event attendees downloading our apps.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 12.36.44

Most importantly though, all of our app users provide their consent when logging in, meaning that our apps provide the perfect advertising platform for prospective sponsors. Second Screen still have ability to categorise users based on simple demographics such as age ranges, locations and gender.

For sponsors, collecting and analysing these data sets across audiences into a more streamlined narrative structure allows them to look at the bigger picture of how every element of the live event experience connects with each other. Our data on attendee demographics allows our sponsors to deliver personalised and cost-effective ‘brand-love’ experiences direct to a captive and engaged audience that are so effective, they can prove to be as memorable as the live event itself.

For brands who target millennials, our festival sponsorship options have proved invaluable, as they regain the ability to segment and target marketing spend on individuals with similar interests and high expendable income. With multiple events lined up across 2018, including Boardmasters, Love Supreme, Medusa, NASS, Fusion, LiveWire and Sundown, Second Screen are in the position of being able to offer brands (particularly those who have been stung by the data governance) a unique opportunity to market direct to their target audience.

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Second Screen currently offer various sponsorship options including verified accounts, timeline posts, splash-screen sponsorship, options for in-app stores and a new, dedicated sponsors tab. To find out more about how these sponsorships may look in action, check out our Case Study of rock and roll fashion finery brand Rockin’s campaign at Isle of Wight. where Second Screen helped facilitate a 1425% ROI for the brand.

For more information on sponsorship options, check out our Advertising and Sponsorship deckor contact for your bespoke sponsorship options.