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Second Screen kicks-off record festival season with big win for rock ‘n’ roll finery brand. New features just released now include the dedicated ‘sponsors’ tab.

Second Screen, the free* live events app platform has today announced the sponsorship results from its Neighbourhood Weekender festival campaign. The remarkable results once again prove that in-app sponsorship packages are the way forward when advertising to millennials.

The 21st-century equivalent of single-use plastic lanyard pouches, Second Screen’s platform provides festival promoters and organisers an affordable, feature-rich app for their event, containing artist line-ups and festival guides, as well as popular social feeds, and special announcements.

During SJM’s first Neighbourhood Weekender Festival, which took place on the late May Bank Holiday and for which Second Screen provided the app, rock ‘n’ roll finery brand Rockins featured a sponsorship opportunity over a 4-day campaign.

Taking advantage of the 10,619 users on the Neighbourhood Weekender app, which saw a total of 104,914 sessions across the weekend, and an average app session duration of 4 minutes and 58 seconds, the brand saw traffic balloon to 210%.Three ad campaigns were posted natively within the app’s timeline feature over two-days.

Overall, the campaign saw a huge 13,693 total views, generating a 210% traffic increase to the Rockins website. Crucially, this meant an average sales increase of 109.66% for the fashion brand.



Second Screen’s sponsorship offering is proving attractive to prospective brands not least because of the ability to reach specific age demographics – particularly millennials – based on particular events. The invaluable data insight that is provided in return to the sponsors also make app advertising a smarter – and cheaper – alternative to other options such as stage sponsorship.

For these sponsors, collecting and analysing unique real-time data sets across audiences into a more streamlined narrative structure allows them to look at the bigger picture; sponsors are able to evaluate how every element of the live event experience connects with each other and their brand impacts on potential customers.

As evidenced by the Rockins campaign success, the data that Second Screen provides on attendee demographics and behaviour allows sponsors to deliver personalised and cost-effective ‘brand love’ experiences direct to a captive and engaged audience.

Second Screen CEO Niall Green commented:

“We are delighted to announce our sponsorship packages for 2018, with returning sponsorship options for verified accounts, timeline posts, splash-screen sponsorship and options for in-app stores, as well as new features such as the dedicated sponsors tab. We are proud to have options to cater to the requirements of businesses of all sizes. Our approach has always been encapsulated by our vision of a world in which a seamlessly integrated digital companion can enhance the live event experience for all hosts, sponsors and attendees.”
Read more about the Neighbourhood Weekender app here (

*When offset against gains made from advertising revenue.


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Second Screen is a London-based technology startup that builds tailored social media apps to create local networks for brands. Every Second Screen app is uniquely branded for brands, artists and events, offering bespoke features and brand tie-ins that are relevant to their audience and bring them closer to the experience of the live event.

Second Screen sponsorship options:
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* Sponsor tabs
* Stage names within line-up
* Stores and product linking
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* Branded tickets and promos


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